Coming in May 2011


“Dust and fog, Manzanita, redwoods and rabbit farms, the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra, which are occasionally visible on those rare days when the air isn’t too filthy—these are palpable presences in Barry Kitterman’s stories. The San Joaquin Valley, especially the town of Ivanhoe, is rendered with the kind of attention that only comes from love. Nobody who knows the Valley will ever question the author’s sense of place. Those who don’t know the Valley will feel like they do after reading this book. These are sturdy, no-nonsense, character-driven stories that make turning the pages a necessity as well as a pleasure.  Kitterman’s book is superb.” Steve Yarbrough, author of Safe from the Neighbors


“These deeply human stories are touched with grace and compassion and a strong sense of place.  Kitterman knows his characters so well they seem to live and breathe on the page.”—William Gay, author of Provinces of Night


“Kitterman’s stories are true – in a carpenter’s sense, in a musical sense, and in their flinty emotional  integrity. They are also beautiful, absorbing, and wise.”--Deirdre McNamer, author of My Russia


“This gifted writer rivets. Like John Steinbeck's, Kitterman's fiction gets at the gut and soul of a scuffling, blue-collar farming, lumbering, trucking, tottering California. A heart-stirring collection of stories.”—Al Young, California poet laureate emeritus, author of Something about the Blues


“Kitterman brings the dusty, fertile San Joaquin Valley vividly to life; a land of orange groves and religious revivals, where the mountains rise high on either side, marking the limits of the characters' lives. He writes with a plainspoken grace, showing men and women who face poverty, disappointment, and loneliness with a quiet daily courage and goodwill.”—Heidi Jon Schmidt, author of The House on Oyster Creek


"Kitterman's stories are humorous and poignant, tender and tough in their memorable depiction of life in small-town California.  He renders his characters so authentically and compassionately we feel we know their hopes and fears and dreams, and yet the stories surprise us in the finest ways, taking us beyond where we thought we were first going." -- Robert Garner McBrearty 


“Barry Kitterman has outwritten Sherwood Anderson, leaped past Winesburg to baking, shrouded, razory Ivanhoe, in California’s lower central valley. Its people—sad, sweet, grotesque, flint-eyed—yearn and misstep with desperate dignity. Kitterman’s sentences are stunning as the silence that follows a scream.”—Bryan Di Salvatore, author of A Clever Base-Ballist



Cover photograph: “Ivanhoe hardware store” by Richard Harrison